Nintendo Switch OLED: Release Date, Price, Screen, Pre-Order, Features And All You Need To Know

Nintendo Switch OLED

Many have been awaiting details for the Nintendo Switch Pro but now we have been shocked by the announcement of the Nintendo Switch OLED.

Latest News

UPDATE 16th July: Forbes have revealed that the Switch OLED is only estimated to cost $10 more per unit to make.

12th July: We revealed the differences and new features that the Switch OLED will have.

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Release Date

Gaming fans will be thoroughly excited to hear that the Nintendo Switch OLED will be released on October 8th 2021.

So, only a few months to go until you can get your hands on one!

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A new console is always an expensive purchase, but this looks to be a fairly priced product.

The Nintendo Switch OLED will cost around $350, and will be £309.99 for UK customers.


An OLED screen is a very great piece of equipment and it is great news to hear this console will be using the OLED screen. They emit light and consume significantly less power, so it is definitely an upgrade on the Nintendo Switch. The new screen will be seven inches.


With the console only just being announced, there are currently no details known at the moment about pre-ordering the Nintendo Switch OLED.

However, we definitely know that it will be available for pre-order and when it is, we will provide you with updates and links right here.


There are some very exciting new features that this console has to offer. They are:

  • A New Adjustable Stand
  • A New Dock
  • Wired Lan Port (in the new dock)
  • 64gb of Install Storage

With the Switch OLED on the way, it is hard not to get excited, and hopefully the console exceeds all expectations and becomes a big hit across the gaming community.

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