Nintendo Switch OLED: What Is The Release Date?

Nintendo Switch OLED

The Nintendo Switch OLED has been announced and we have all the details around when this new handheld console will be released.

The announcement of the upgraded Nintendo Switch is obviously very exciting and it means we finally have a new generation for this console.

There were rumours of a Nintendo Switch Pro being released, but for now it seems like the company has gone with the OLED and it is a priority for now.

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This surprising news was met with open arms by the gaming community and no doubt many fans will be getting the console when it is released.

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Nintendo Switch OLED Release Date

Gaming fans, especially those who are fans of handheld consoles, will be very pleased to hear that the Nintendo Switch OLED will be released October 8th, 2021

We still have a few months to wait but the upgraded technology will be a welcome addition to the Nintendo Switch family.

Fans of Nintendo have been waiting for a new console for some time, and finally Nintendo have delivered.

It will bring about a lot of cool features, including speakers with enhanced audio and also obviously the OLED screen, which uses significantly less power because they emit light.

Nintendo has also revealed that the console is compatible with all Nintendo Switch games and the Joy-Con controllers.

The Switch OLED is now the third Switch console to come out, and you cannot complain at Nintendo as they are truly delivering some great Nintendo devices and games for its fan base.

If the Nintendo Switch Pro is also another console that the company will release, then gamers are in for a proper exciting time with the handheld console.

As we still have a few months left until its release, we hope that more information starts to come out to get us excited.

If there are any more updates, we will continue to provide you with all the information right here.

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