Eddie Hall vs Hafthor 'Thor' Bjornsson boxing: Date and location of fight announced


Hafthor Bjornsson vs Eddie Hall is a fight that has been rumoured for such a long time and now it looks like it is set to be taking place in Jacksonville, Florida on Saturday, September 18.

The heaviest pair on the planet will meet at the VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena in a fight that is rightfully being labelled as ‘The Heaviest Boxing Match in History.’

This is taking place due to many feuds Hall and Bjornsson have had over the years, and with celebrity boxing and exhibitions being the in thing now, it only seemed right to put these two in the ring with one another.

Let’s be honest, it’ll certainly be more entertaining that Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul… and probably better than Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr as well.

The reason for their beef with each other? Well, at the World’s Strongest Man competition back in 2017, the Icelandic accused the Brit of cheating, somewhat spoiling the occasion for Hall, who had been training his entire life to win the trophy.


This feud then continued when the Icelandic beat the Brit’s deadlift record by a single kilogram in his own personal gym with his own team registering it to judges. Something that Hall was not best pleased about and something he believed shouldn’t have counted.

Hall believed that this was sketchy, as talking on the True Geordie podcast, he said: “I personally think this shouldn’t be classified as a world record.

“Everyone can set records at their home gym and record it. Where do you draw the line?”

Hall seems confident in settling this inside of the ring in front of thousands, if not millions, and going by social media updates, it seems like both are taking the fight VERY seriously.

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Who is this heavyweight boxer?

We wait and see this great bout between The Heaviest Pair on the planet.

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