Apex Legends Season 10: Huge News Reveals Upcoming Season Will Feature Ranked Arena Mode

Apex Legends

Apex Legends Season 10 is around a month away and it has been officially announced that there will be a ranked arena mode for players to dive into.

Gaming has always been very competitive, but over the last few years we have seen it become even more competitive, with many tuning in to watch eSports.

If this was not a thing, then the gaming industry would not be as successful as it is today and this is why many are frustrated by the sheer level of hackers that are currently in Apex.

Nevertheless, season 9 has still been very exciting and this has built up a lot of expectation for the release of season 10.

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Official News Confirms Apex Legends Season 10 Will Have A Ranked Arena Mode

Recent gaming event EA Play 2021 revealed this information and it is very good news for the Apex Community.

Apex Legends Game Director, Chad Grenier, revealed this exciting bit of information. He said: “Battle Royale will continue to be a primary focus for us because that’s the roots of the game, but we have been trying to expand beyond Battle Royale because we have what we think is a really great combat loop and fun gameplay.

“We’re trying to offer more ways to play. So we just released Arenas in Season 9, and in Season 10 I can confirm we’ll be releasing a ranked version of Arenas.”

Hopefully there will be more information officially confirmed ahead of the new season coming out, but for now we will have to go off some leaks, and some of the recent rumours showed possible images of the new legend coming to season 10.

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However, with Apex Legends about to enter the Thrillseekers Event, we will have to wait a little longer for more updates on the forthcoming season.

This news around having a Ranked Arena Mode is huge and hopefully means that season 10 will be bringing a lot more new features to the battle royale game.

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