Deathloop: Amazing Gameplay Footage Revealed At PlayStation State of Play


Anticipation is building around upcoming action-adventure game Deathloop and plentiful gameplay footage has been revealed.

Developed by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks, Deathloop is due for release in 2021, and is a Playstation exclusive.

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Expectation is already high for the game, and now that this gameplay footage has been released, expectations are even higher.

Aside from the gameplay footage that was released, there has been a lot of information revealed that will massively excite fans ahead of its release.

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New Deathloop Gameplay Footage Revealed

Gaming fans were treated to this footage at the Playstation State of Play Event which happened on July 8th.

In the video, fans saw footage of an official gameplay walkthrough, and it did not disappoint. We saw new weapons, enemies, fight scenes and a whole lot of action. After watching it, it is very hard to not get excited over the game before its release.

Deathloop is a very interesting concept, as you are an assassin stuck in a time loop that will never end. When one day comes to a close, you are brought back to the previous one, which starts all over again.

In the game, you can run across rooftops or tear through the streets of the fictional Blackreef. What is quite interesting and unique is that you can look for hidden entrances to places or be less stealthy and bust in through the front door.

It shows that there are many ways for you to find your enemy in the game, and some can be quite creative.

Hopefully more footage will be released sooner rather than later, as we still have quite a few months still to wait until its release.

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