Gaming: Need for Speed Underground 2 remaster trailer made with next-gen graphics


A YouTube channel made a trailer for a remastered version of Need for Speed Underground 2 and it’s truly something to watch.

NFS is one of the most popular video game series made by EA which has fascinated gamers over the years. So far, 24 games have been released with the most recent one being the remastered version of Need For Speed Hot Pursuit.

Even after nearly two decades, NFS Underground and Underground 2 are both among the best games ever released in the series. Both were released for PS2, Xbox and the Nintendo GameCube.

The two games were very well received by critics and did brilliantly in the market as well.

The PS2 version of Underground received a rating of 85 out of 100 from Metacritic while selling over 2.5 million copies in the United States alone.

It was ranked as the 6th highest selling game made for the GameCube, PS2 or Xbox between January 2000 and July 2006.

Underground 2 was a critical and commercial success as well, selling over 11 million copies all over the globe.

So far, only one game in the Need for Speed Series has been remastered which is Hot Pursuit, released last year.

Underground 2 is hugely popular with gamers and fans and is one of which many want to see a remastered version.

So far, no official notice has come from EA but Russian company Odonata uploaded a video on their YouTube channel regarding how a remastered version of Underground 2 could possibly look like if developed for the modern-day consoles.

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The trailer is truly something to behold with the ending bearing some resemblance to that of the movie Furious 7.

The video garnered over 300,000 views with several commenting about an actual remastered version of the game.

Last year, a remastered version of an old Need for Speed game came out and fans would certainly love if one for Underground/Underground 2 was released as well. Who knows, maybe someone from EA got a glance at the video and there might be talks of a remastered version going on.

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