Lionel Messi: Does footage explain why Argentina star was angry with Yerry Mina?

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Lionel Messi rubbed salt into Yerry Mina’s wounds after the Colombian missed a penalty in the Copa America semi-final shoot-out against Argentina.

TyC Sports and other outlets claimed Messi shouted: “Dance Now! Dance Now!” at his former Barcelona teammate after Emiliano Martinez saved the defender’s spot-kick.

This seemed out of character for Messi, who wouldn’t usually mock an opponent this way - particularly an ex-teammate.

One theory was that Messi was getting revenge for his close friend Luis Suarez.

Mina made headlines during the quarter-finals against Suarez’s Uruguay for a celebratory dance during the penalty shoot-out after scoring past Fernando Muslera.


Is this the real reason Messi was angry with Mina?

However, another clip has gone viral on social media which may explain the real reason why Messi mocked the Everton centre-back following his miss.

The legendary Argentina forward had suffered a nasty-looking injury to his left ankle earlier in the game following a challenge involving Frank Fabra.


A blood patch was visible just above Messi’s boot and some people believe Mina stood on his opponent’s injured ankle after the play had already been stopped.

Watch the incident for yourself here…

It looks as if Mina stepped on Messi from that angle, although the fact referee Jesus Valenzuela was so close to the incident means we can’t be certain.

Messi did react but the ref obviously didn’t feel that Mina deserved to be punished.


If Mina’s intention was to connect with Messi’s injured ankle, that would certainly explain the six-time Ballon d’Or winner’s reaction in the shoot-out.

There are also suggestions that Messi unfollowed Mina on Instagram after the match.

That’s when you know a footballer is truly upset with someone!


It seems Mina returned the favour by unfollowing Messi, who ultimately had the last laugh as Argentina qualified for the Copa America final at Colombia’s expense.

Will Messi win his first international trophy with Argentina?

The Barcelona icon will now attempt to win his first major international tournament on Saturday night when Argentina and Brazil go head-to-head at the Maracana.

This will be the fourth Copa America final that Messi has been involved in.


He suffered heartbreak on the previous three occasions in 2007, 2015 and 2016.

But football fans all over the world - including some in Brazil(!) - are hoping this will finally be the moment Messi silences the doubters by winning a trophy with his beloved Argentina.

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