UFC 264: New Conor McGregor footage shows Irishman went too far after fight


New unseen footage has been released of Conor McGregor’s post-fight threats to Dustin Poirier and his wife Jolie whilst receiving treatment for his horrific leg injury. 

Saturday, July 10 – UFC 264 – saw the (possible) end to the trilogy of fights between Poirier and McGregor. The previous two encounters set the fighters entering the Octagon with one win a piece and everything to play for.

There appeared to be added bad blood to this end bout, however, with McGregor claiming Poirier would be leaving “on a stretcher” once he was done with him, seemingly, and somewhat ironically, predicting his own fate. 

The first round was undoubtedly going in ‘The Diamond’s’ favour, with him landing more significant strikes and dominating his opponent, until McGregor stumbled awkwardly on the canvas, snapping his leg in the process.

The referee signalled the end of the fight and Poirier was crowned the winner, taking his record to 28-6-0.


However, the trash-talk didn’t end there.

Whereas a lot of fighters are happy to touch gloves and show their sportsmanship, ‘The Notorious’ gained that name for a reason. As Poirier talked to Joe Rogan in his winning interview, McGregor continued to hurl abuse and threats at the American.

In the footage, we see Conor making gun signs with his hand to his head, as he says: “In your sleep you’re getting it, in your sleep you’re dead, you and your Mrs, it ain’t over.”

Rogan even stopped the interview momentarily to look over at McGregor, probably due to the severity of the threats being made. 

Poirier told another interviewer post-fight: “You got a man doing this [gun signs to head] telling me he’s gonna kill me still, like what are you doing bro? That’s disgusting man.”

Despite mentioning the antics from his opponent, Poirier seemed unfazed, and he followed by confidently saying: “I’ll break his other leg.”

The Diamond also showed his sportsmanship when he said, after winning the fight, that even with the disturbing comments made by his opponent leading up to the fight, he “hopes this man gets home safe to his beautiful family.” 

Has McGregor gone too far this time? He is clearly adamant on continuing the beef with the American, but a lot of fans draw the line at bringing families into the trash-talk and threats – especially to the extent that McGregor is taking matters nowadays. 

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This is the first time in the Irishman’s career that he has lost back-to-back fights. His record stands at 22-6-0, and with the injury suffered from the fight, it is hard to say when we’ll see The Notorious enter the Octagon again.

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