UFC 264: Conor McGregor accused of cheating yet again by Dustin Poirier


Dustin Poirier has revealed that Conor McGregor was attempting to gain an unfair advantage over him during his UFC 264 victory.

The 32-year-old dominated McGregor during the first round of the trilogy fight, with judges going 10-8 in favour of The Diamond.

But the hotly-anticipated headline fight ended in unfortunate circumstances when McGregor crumpled to the canvas with a broken leg.

Whilst he may be revelling in his victory, Poirier has also revealed that McGregor was trying to do his best – including bending the rules – to gain an advantage.

In his post-fight press conference, The Diamond said he spoke to referee Herb Dean about McGregor’s attempts to illegally grip the inside of Poirier’s gloves.


It came as McGregor was looking to maximise the effects of up-kicks when Poirier was trying to leave a mark from above.

He said: “That’s why I let him up. I let him up because he had three fingers in my glove.

“You know the cuff, at the tape? It’s a good grip and he was pulling me down into up-kicks. He was pulling me down and then kicking up at the same time.

“I’m not surprised that he does that type of stuff. I was telling Herb that I couldn’t get out of it.

“When I told Herb, maybe Conor pulled his fingers out. You know fighting’s crazy so I’ve got to go back and see but that’s what I was trying to tell Herb.”


Speaking to BT Sport afterwards, Poirier left the door open to a fourth fight with McGregor.

He said: “He [McGregor] was sitting on the mat with the broken leg telling me he’s gonna kill me. What are you doing, bro? 

“That’s disgusting man. I’ll break his other leg.”

When asked whether it was the last time they would go head-to-head, Poirier said: “Of course not. I don’t think this is going to be put to rest.

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“He’s got a long old road ahead of him with recovery from that kind of break. I don’t know a whole lot about it but we’ll see what happens. 

“If I fight against him it’ll be for UFC Gold.”

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