Jon Moxley: Heath Slater wanted former Dean Ambrose in 3MB WWE faction

Heath Slater wanted Jon Moxley in 3MB

Things nearly panned out very differently for Jon Moxley, as it has emerged that that Heath Slater wanted the former Dean Ambrose to be part of his 3MB faction. 

As we know, 3MB ended up consisting of Jinder Mahal, Drew McIntyre and Heath Slater, but the line-up wasn't originally who the former WWE star wanted for the 3MB group.

Speaking to Such Good Shot, Heath Slater revealed that he wanted to have Dean Ambrose, Fandango and EC3 as part of a four-man faction, having the following to say on the matter:

“I ran with it, ran with for a while. Then it wasn’t going anywhere and ran its course. I was like, ‘Come on. I need a band now. I’ve been a one man band. Let me a band.’ They’re just like, ‘Oh, who are you thinking?’ I pitch [Dean] Ambrose, Fandango, and EC3. And this is before any of them are on TV. Fandango and EC3 were on NXT season three or something. So I pitch for those three. And then they were like, ‘Okay, let me get back with you.’ And this is Michael Hayes the whole time I’m talking with. The month goes by — nothing. You know, like, ‘Hey, baby, what the hell, man? I need this band!’”

3MB WWE faction

The gimmick originally just started out with Heath Slater, and he revealed in the same interview that Vince McMahon wanted him to do the gimmick on his own:

“He wanted me to be the one man band. No, it was the one man rock band. The one man southern rock band. The one man country band, or I don’t know, he had me doing so much stuff to where I was like, ‘Man, can I just be the one man band?’”

Things didn't work out too badly for Dean Ambrose, who is now in AEW as Jon Moxley, as the former WWE Champion enjoyed a lot of success as part of The Shield alongside Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins.

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