WWE: Kurt Angle 'never heard back' after Triple H offered him NXT role

Kurt Angle was offered a role within WWE, but he didn't hear back from the company

Kurt Angle has revealed that he was offered a trainers role within WWE several months ago, but didn't ever hear back from the company after saying he'd be interested in starting. 

Speaking on his Kurt Angle show podcast, the WWE Hall of Famer explained that Triple H offered him a role within NXT, which would have enabled him to stay at home.

Angle expressed that he'd be interested in re-signing with the company and starting in this new role, but still hasn't heard back from WWE, with the former WWE Champion questioning if higher-ups "backed out":

“Triple H, he contacted me about seven months ago and wanted me to help out down in NXT. Wanted me to be a trainer and he only said, ‘Hey, all I need you to do is go over stuff with talent. You can do it from home on your computer, you can do a Zoom call, just go through the tapes with them in their match and tell them what they did right and wrong’. I said I’d be interested and I never heard back from him. Long story short, they were interested but at the last second they must have backed out, which is okay with me.”

Kurt Angle said he'd be interested in returning to WWE

As of right now, there is no word on why WWE apparently opted to not follow up with Kurt Angle after offering him a role within the NXT system. 

Kurt Angle wrestled his last match at WrestleMania 35 in 2019. In a decision that Angle himself has expressed being unhappy with, WWE opted to have the former World Heavyweight Champion retired by Baron Corbin. 

Angle has spoken about having no desire to step back into the ring anytime soon, despite being in great shape, so it looks like we really may have seen the former Olympian's final match. 

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