League of Legends 11.15 Patch Notes: Release Date, Buffs, Nerfs And More

League of Legends 11.15 will be released on 21st July 2021.

League of Legends will be moving forwards in yet another update during the month of July.

Rise of the Sentinels is proving to be a huge success so far within the gaming community and Riot Games, the developers, are looking to make changes to balance the gameplay books.

While there isn’t a great deal of information regarding the patch at this time, what we do know is that Aurelion Sol will be receiving a nerf after accumulating a win rate of at least 57.3% over the past two updates, according to Riot’s lead game designer Jeevun Sidhu.

He also posted a short preview on Twitter regarding which Champions will be getting buffed and nerfed, with Hullbreaker being the only high performing solo queue champion to be boosted.

League of Legends 11.15 Patch Notes

The patch notes are here and they will be available to download on 21st July 2021 at 11 am BST.

Patch highlights for 11.15 on League of Legends.

Before the patch is launched, matchmaking is usually delayed for three hours, which will also include competitive queues across all servers.

Via LoL’s official website, here is what you can expect from 11.15: 

New Champion


Champion Changes

  • Rumble
  • P heat decay and overheat checking is more consistent
  • Various bugfixes



  • Q damage ratio decreased to 75% (from 80%)

Aurelion Sol

  • E flight distance decreased to 5000 (from 5500-7500)


  • E bonus attack speed decreased early (20-80%)


  • W damage ratio decreased – 40% AD (120% AD maximum)
  • damage reduction decreased – 40%-70% physical damage, 20-35% magic damage (levels 1-18)


  • Base magic resist decreased to 26 from 30


  • Q damage changed to 70-290 (+90% AP) from 60-280 (+80% AP)
  • W healing decreased to 25-125 (+40% AP) from 30-150 (+45% AP)


  • E CD increased to 13-10 from 11-9

Viego (Lane)

  • Q Base Damage decreased to 15-75 from 25-85
  • Bonus damage to Monsters increased to 20 (from 10)
  • Healing from Minions decreased to 10% from 50%


  • HP decreased to 2.5 from 4



  • Armor increased to 40 (from 37)
  • Q damage increased to 90-290 (+120% AP) from 70-270 (+100% AP)


  • Q AD ratio increased to 130-190% (was 130-170%)


  • E Damage increased to 20-100 from 10-90


  • Q damage increased to 85-265 (+80% AP) from 75-235 (+75% AP)


  • W cooldown decreased to 12-8 (from 14-10)
  • Stored post-mitigation damage from damage dealt increased to 45% from 35%


  • Base HP increased to 570 from 545
  • HP growth to 95 from 85


  • W cooldown decreased to 11 from 13


  • Q cooldown decreased to 7-5 from 9-5
  • AP ratio increased to 35/25% from 25-15%


  • Q mana cost decreased to 40-80 from 60-80


  • R cooldown decreased to 140-100 from 160-130

Systems Buffs

  • Hullbreaker – BOARDING PARTY BONUS RESISTANCE – 20-60 bonus armor and bonus magic resistance (level 9-18)
  • BOARDING PARTY MINION BONUS RESISTANCES – 60-180 bonus armor and bonus magic resistance (level 9-18)

Ruined And Unbound Skins

  • Ruined Miss Fortunte
  • Unbound Thresh

Sentinel Skins

  • Sentinel Graves
  • Sentinel Pyke
  • Sentinel Rengar

Bug Fixes 

  • Stealth champions can now get stealth Ulternate Summoners offered to them
  • Clones will now properly copy health bar icons, including the Ulternate Summoner icon. This fix applies more broadly as well (e.g. Omnistone will now properly copy its icon over).
  • First Blood gold now correctly matches the classic Summoner’s Rift value (150 gold ⇒ 100 gold)
  • Dragon Soul’s revive now triggers after champion revives
  • Fixed a bug where the announcement text for stealing a Ruined Dragon was incorrect
  • Volibear will no longer sometimes spit out missiles from his Ulternate Summoner when trying to bite.


Matchmaking for the Ultimate Spellbook queue has been reseeded! This means that your matches should now be with players of a more equal skill level. This fix happened in the middle of the last patch, but we believe it’s worth a callout here.

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