England crowd trouble: Steward had 'pockets full of money' after being bribed to let fans in


The ugly scenes before England’s Euro 2020 final against Italy are becoming even uglier after numerous reports have revealed more details.

It’s believed hundreds – if not thousands – of ticketless fans gained access into Wembley on Sunday.

Earlier today, we brought you the Mirror’s inside story where shocking details emerged of stewards being threatened with a knife, a woman being sexually assaulted and a young kid being traumatised.

It must have been an awful experience for the genuine fans and stewards involved.



However, not all stewards were innocent it seems.

According to a report in The Times, “Government sources said they were aware of fans being given cash to enable ‘tailgating’ at turnstiles and that allegations that stadium staff were also bribed were ‘very serious for the FA if true.’

And it seems those allegations are true as one unnamed ticket holder told The Times: “It was shocking. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life. It was a large wad of cash. His pockets were full of money.”

The fan in question went on to say that she repeatedly told stewards that there were people inside illegally but one fan produced a knife when asked to show his ticket.

A caller identified called Isaac said on BBC Radio 5: “Obviously it’s hard to manage that many people but there weren’t sufficient security or police there. The people next to us had children and they were really scared.

“After Italy scored the equaliser these two Italians were celebrating and then these skinhead yobs started beating the crap out of them. Eventually security comes and these guys are having their faces smashed in.

“Some of us ran up into the area where you get drinks to try to find security and the security there were like 24-year-old kids. There were stewards; there was no police. Then eventually the head steward went down and she was a quite frail blonde woman and she started getting beers chucked at her.”


Journalist Mike Keegan summed it up in a tweet that read: “That was the worst experience I’ve ever had as a fan.

Shambolic organisation, police nowhere to be seen, fans without tickets running amok within what was a giant Covid breeding ground. Taken 3.5 hours to get out of the godforsaken place.


Saw fights, bottles thrown, people karate kicking windows and (a new one for me) had to jump out of the way of an armed officer with his gun drawn chasing someone. Transport non-existent, roads gridlocked for hours, behaviour of many despicable. Wembley Way a bombsite. Awful, awful night.”

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