Lionel Messi signs shirts of fans camped outside his home after Copa America


At his fourth attempt, Lionel Messi finally landed a Copa America title on Saturday night.

Having suffered heartbreak in a trio of previous final appearances, the 34-year-old captained Argentina to a 1-0 victory over hosts Brazil to land the first major international trophy of his career.

Many neutrals around the world were delighted that Messi had, at last, secured some silverware for his nation. Prior to this past weekend, Argentina had not triumphed in a big competition since they lifted the 1993 Copa America. For a side like Argentina - and a man like Messi - that gap was just far too long.

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Given that he's just spent the last month competing at the tournament, Messi could be forgiven for wanting to spend some time relaxing following his trophy-winning exploits for his country.

Soon after his return from Brazil, though, a viral video from Twitter user @TotalLeoMessi, has shown the superstar happily signing shirts for fans waiting outside his Argentinian residence in the city of Rosario.

Far from shying away from the attention of his adoring public, Messi stood in his drive signing anything that supporters threw down to him.


At one point, the three-time Ballon d'Or winner is absolutely deluged with items from Barcelona shirts to Argentina jerseys and flags. Messi has so many requests that he can't possibly catch them all - meaning that many end up on the ground.

Not that this bothers modern-day great in the slightest, as he readily retrieves every piece of memorabilia from the floor, before autographing them and returning it to their rightful owner. To top it all off, Messi is still wearing his Argentina team sweatshirt, indicating that he has only very recently returned home.


It's refreshing to see such an icon of the game behave with such warmth towards his fans. You can catch the footage itself here...

Messi's efforts have also drawn him plenty of praise of social media, with many keen to celebrate how down to earth he is with his supporters, especially as they've just shown up outside his home.

One reply asked: "They show up at his house and are literally throwing jerseys on the ground for him to sign. And he signs every single one of them. How can you NOT love this guy?"

Another comment read: Ahhh this guy is one in seven billion... Probably the greatest athlete we will ever know - and yet [sic] so amazingly humble,".

"This guy’s humility is incredible. Picking up shirts and dishing out autographs with ease," said a third.

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It's no secret that Messi is a fantastic ambassador for the game on the field. However, witnessing this recent interaction with his loyal following shows that he is a stand-up bloke as well.

As one fan clearly impressed by the Barcelona legend's generosity of spirit put it: "I don't know [sic] if there are enough adjectives to describe the man as a football and a person,".

On the evidence of this footage, they are spot on.

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