Marcus Rashford left an incredible message by six-year-old on defaced Manchester mural


The dust is finally beginning to settle after the chaos at Wembley on Sunday night.

The Euro 2020 final was marred by numerous incidents of shocking behaviour both inside and outside the ground as the hours ticked by towards kick-off.

Large numbers of ticketless fans broke through security cordons in a desperate bid to steal a place amongst the lucky few who were preparing to watch the continental showpiece first hand.

Stewards were completely overwhelmed by the throng of determined fans, others were reportedly threatened with knives and countless ugly fights broke out.


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Formula 1 superstar Lando Norris had his luxury watch stolen as he left the ground and Harry Maguire’s father is said to have broken two ribs after getting caught up in the stampede of fans breaking into the ground.

Then, to throw a very rotten cherry on top of an already ruined cake, Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka were subjected to heinous racist abuse in the aftermath of missing their penalties.

It is a stain that will be very difficult to wipe clean with England’s bid to host the 2030 World Cup looking to be in tatters now.


However, while these awful incidents have been played large in the global media, there have been shards of light breaking through the noise to prove that it’s not all bad.

In truth, the vast majority of fans present on Sunday night, and across the country, were there to loyally support the team in the best way they could and they did a fantastic job.

Even in the day that have followed, fans have gone out of their way to remind those players who gave us so much joy over the summer just how loved and admired they are.

One such heartwarming story has been the response to the defacing of Rashford’s mural in Manchester.


Fans moved quickly to cover up the hateful racist slurs that were painted onto it, instead covering them up with messages of love and support.

Now, one message in particular has gone viral, with a six-year-old boy thanking Rashford for all he did last summer to ensure that school children continued to be fed by the government.

The note simply reads:

‘Thanks for all our dinner. Reggie. 6’


Brilliant stuff.

It is a wonderful reminder, in among the cacophony of chaos that was Sunday night, that there is more good out there than bad.

Sadly, the bad will echo the loudest for now, but we can only hope that those England heroes are feeling all the love being poured out.

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