Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley: Conor McGregor gets slammed by YouTuber


Jake Paul has now said that Conor McGregor wouldn't stand a chance against him if the two eventually shared the boxing ring together.

The Problem Child has often said that he would like to fight the Irishman and has continuously tried to provoke him into a bout.

Not long back, he mentioned five reasons as to why he would beat Notorious. While speaking to The Sun, Paul said: "He never played football, he never played lacrosse, he never wrestled, he was never an All-State football player.

"I'm taller by four inches or so and I'm about 60-pounds, 50-pounds heavier without a weight cut - and that's what a lot of people don't understand when I'm hitting these guys; I've got knockout power because I'm cutting down from 210lbs."

McGregor took on Dustin Poirier last weekend and lost after he injured his ankle while stepping back from a punch. This rendered the 32-year-old unable to continue, thus handing him his fourth defeat in his last five fights.


Unsurprisingly, Paul missed no opportunity to rub salt into McGregor's wound through a series of tweets, including one in which he offered him $23 for a fight.

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In a press conference ahead of his fight against Tyron Woodley, Paul claimed that a fight between him and a McGregor could happen and the latter wouldn't stand a chance against him.

The 24-year-old said: "I think it could happen. I think the funny thing about this journey is, I predicted everything that happened thus far. 18 months ago, I said I wanted to fight Conor, people laughed at me. Now I'm laughing at Conor, with a broken ankle, sitting there in the Octagon and he needs Jake Paul more than I need him.

"So yea, my offer to Conor is $23 and if we ever fought, I would knock those fake teeth out of his f****** mouth. Dustin Poirier defeated this man and Dustin Poirier is an amazing fighter, don't get me wrong, amazing guy, I actually became a fan of him over the weekend. But you know he's 5'9 155 lbs, I'm 6'1 200 lbs and so Conor McGregor would never stand a chance."

Given the number of times Paul has tried to get McGregor's attention, it's highly doubtful that the Irishman needs him as much as he thinks.

What's more baffling here isn't the fact that the 24-year-old said that Notorious wouldn't stand a chance against him, but he may have also implied that he could take on Poirier and win due to his size advantage.

Even with McGregor not in the best of form, he has every chance of defeating Paul if the two ever fight. After the 24-year-old's comments, many would love to see a bout between the two.

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