FIFA 22: FUT Champs Changes Have Been Leaked


FIFA 22 is going to be released in September and some leaks have revealed what changes will be coming to popular game mode FUT Champions.

The famous football franchise always manages to churn out a new game annually, making enough changes to still appeal to millions of fans.

This could be the year where they make some huge changes for the first time in years, and one of these changes is the fact that you can create your own club in Career Mode.

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FUT Champs has kept itself quite similar over the last few years so these leaked changes will definitely be most welcome.

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Leaks Reveal New FUT Champs Changes Coming To FIFA 22

The FUT Champs game mode on Ultimate Team is highly competitive and sees players play 30 competitive games on the weekend to win rewards. Depending on the amount of wins they get, their rewards will be better.

The game mode became so big that it has now become one of the biggest Esports around, with many winning huge prize funds over the years. Top football clubs have now also joined the Esports world.

Therefore, FIFA fans will be thoroughly excited to hear that there are a bunch of new changes coming to the game mode for FIFA 22.

Reliable leakers @KingLangpard and @DonkTrading have revealed this news on social media. They announced on Twitter that the changes coming to FUT Champs will be:

  • The way you qualify for Weekend League has changed. Every week you have five games to win three games. You get three attempts at this per week
  • The Weekend League will have less games (Now 20 instead of 30)
  • There is a new player reward system, if you rank higher, you will get a better version of the card

These changes seem to be some very good ideas. Many have always complained that 30 games on a weekend is far too many and also been frustrated with the reward system, while the new qualification is quite a fun idea.

Hopefully these changes sound as good as they sound and make the competitive side of FIFA much more enjoyable than some have found it to be in recent years.

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