Conor McGregor leg break: Floyd Mayweather posts brutal image mocking UFC man


Floyd Mayweather has taken to Instagram to once again mock Conor McGregor after his first-round loss to Dustin Poirier at UFC 264 last weekend. 

The 44-year old posted a picture of a McGregor action figure donning a broken leg, a replication of the injury he suffered vs Poirier, and captioned the photo: “Parents, please get your children an early Christmas gift and remember to tell them this..”F*** IF YOUR LEG IS BROKE, B**** HOP UP ON YOUR GOOD FOOT!”

The bad blood between the two fighters dates back to when the pair fought in a one-off boxing match on August 26, 2017.

At the time, McGregor was the UFC lightweight world champion and Mayweather was, and still is, undefeated.

He boasts an incredible record of being an 11-time five-division boxing world champion and is classed by many fans as one of the best in the history of the sport.


The fight holds the record of the second-highest pay-per-view buyrate in history, selling an astonishing 4.3 million.

The fight went 10 rounds, with McGregor holding his ground (and doing so pretty well despite never professionally competing in the sport), until Mayweather inevitably won by TKO - taking his record-breaking undefeated streak to 50-0. 

Mayweather also posted a photo shortly after the fight of a betting slip, showing he had placed a straight bet of $50,000 on Poirier to win the fight, taking home $35,714 in the process from the American’s victory.

He captioned the picture: “@dustinpoirier, thanks for getting me paid!” to which Poirier replied in the comments: “No problem!” 

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Will the trolling have an impact on Conor’s ego?

The Irishman is known to be able to dish out the trash-talk and jokes, but as of late, he isn’t getting the results he used to in order to back up what he’s saying.

For example, leading up to Saturday’s fight, he repeatedly told opponent Poirier he would be leaving the arena in a stretcher, which ironically is what McGregor ended up doing.

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