Valorant: Dephh reveals that he had an offer to return to G2

Valorant: dephh reveals that he had an offer to return to G2

Valorant star Rory “dephh” Jackson has revealed that he had an offer from G2 to make a return to the United Kingdom following his time with Dignitas.

Dephh has been competing in Valorant following his retirement from CS: GO. The British eSports star spent 44 months with Complexity Gaming February 2016 to October 2019 before departing the team and becoming inactive on the Counter-Strike scene. Dephh would accumulate approximately $82,890 in winnings before leaving Counter-Strike entirely.

The British star joined Dignitas in August 2020, becoming one of the bigger ex-CS:GO stars to make the jump to the relatively new eSports platform.

Dignitas would offload their Valorant roster on March 31st, and it was at this time that the North American based British pro gamer would be offered a return to his native country by G2.

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Valorant: Rory “dephh” Jackson reveals that he had an offer to return to G2

“During my time in Dignitas, towards the end when they released the team, I got a message from G2 asking if I wanted to come back and play for them,” Dephh said during a recent interview with Upcomer. “I had the opportunity, but now my life is basically here. I obviously miss my family and it’s really important to go there and see them, but I have a wife here now and North America is definitely my home place.”

Dephh would make the jump to XSET in June, ahead of the VCT Stage 3 as their new in-game leader. The British eSports star revealed when he signed with the team that they were close to being upper echelon, but they needed that last extra bit of FPS experience to get them over the finish line. “XSET has been in contention for almost every VCT event,” Dephh noted. “It seems like they are at the final hurdle and just need a little bit of experience to push them over the edge.” 

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