Euro 2020 final: Leonardo Bonucci part of sensational selfie involving Harry Maguire


The dust has finally begun to settle on what was a chaotic night at Wembley on Sunday.

The Euro 2020 final was marred by ugly fan trouble as England prepared to play in their first major tournament final for 55 years.

On what should have been a crowning night for English football, the behaviour of a select group of fans let us all down as images of simply awful behaviour spread like wildfire around the globe.

Events on the field made for slightly more pleasant viewing for the vast majority of the game as England took an early lead through Luke Shaw and held the ensuing Italian onslaught at bay.

Sadly, a determined Azzurri side simply wouldn’t go away, finally bundling an equaliser in through defensive stalwart Leonardo Bonucci to force extra-time.


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The additional 30 minutes were a cagey affair, with England sitting back and fending off the advances of a rejuvenated Italian side.

Eventually, the game would come down to the lottery of penalties and, well, the less said about that, the better.

Italy’s party continued long into the night as they made a point of rubbing significant amounts of salt into the newly opened wounds of England and their fans.


Remixes of ‘It’s coming home’ flooded the internet, Giorgio Chiellini claimed he put a curse on Bukayo Saka and manager Roberto Mancini was seen with a copy of a Scottish newspaper that depicted him as the famous William Wallace from Braveheart. 

However, just when you thought the sh**housery was all but done, one final selfie to end all selfies has emerged.

It shows the aforementioned Bonucci smiling from ear to ear with a journalist during the frenzied celebrations.

While that might sound like your everyday, celebratory picture, the two are punctuated by an awfully glum-looking Harry Maguire in the background.


Out of this world.

You can hardly begrudge the Italian’s either – keep in mind that it had also been absolute age since they clinched the continental showpiece.

You can’t help but have a little chuckle at Maguire’s thunderous face in the background while the two lads in the foreground have the time of their lives.

That, unfortunately, is how tournament football works – someone always has to lose.

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