Apex Legends Season 10: First in-game teasers discovered

In-game teasers have started to appear ahead of Apex Legends Season 10.

With Apex Legends Season 10 just around the corner, in-game hints have started to appear just days from launch.

The first-person shooter is about to hit double figures in chapters and has become of the most popular titles in the gaming industry right now, proving to be a worthy competitor of the once-unstoppable Fortnite.

Since its launch in 2019, Apex amassed 100 million players and has received positive reviews from critics. But despite this, Respawn Entertainment, the game’s developers, have refused to rest on their laurels.

Not much has been revealed regarding the upcoming season so far, but some gamers have started to discover hints and clues in-game that could provide glues regarding what they can expect.

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Apex Legends Season 10 is expected to be released on 20th July 2021.

Apex Legends Season 10 Teasers

These were captured by the ever-reliable Shrugtal on Twitter, who captured both screenshots and videos that were taken during a match. 

The first clue was located at Countdown main building, where a memo could be located which was from Bilal. Titled “Memo #026”, it said: “Whole world’s shaking, finally got Hammond to run tests. Why is no one else freaking out?”

However, this wasn’t the only teaser that Respawn were sharing with its fans. They also provided some dialogue from one of the staple characters Bloodhound while sprinting through the tunnels under World’s Edge Mountains.

He could be heard saying: “The ground shifts beneath our feet. But I fear we are not prepared for change.”

This could be an indicator that the map could change radically, with a possible earthquake swallowing a part of the world that will force players to change tactics.

Nevertheless, we will keep an eye out for more teasers over the coming days and provide an update as soon as they become available.

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