Harry Maguire's dad: Footage shows stampede at Euro 2020 final that left him with broken ribs


It’s been six days since the Euro 2020 final and the fallout continues.

Not so much on the pitch where England devastatingly lost on penalties to Italy.

But off the pitch where the three players - Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka - who missed penalties in the shootout were subjected to vile racist abuse.

While that should never have happened in the first place, we have seen some backlash to the abuse with the majority of the country getting behind the trio with messages of support.


But there’s also the issue of the crowd trouble before the match even started.

Thousands of ticketless barged their way into Wembley to watch the final with some horrific stories emerging regarding how they did that.

One story that has since emerged was that Harry Maguire’s dad was caught in the crush, breaking his ribs in the process.

Alan Maguire, 56, was entering the ground to cheer on his son when supporters charged a disabled section of the ground trampling over fellow fans in the process.

Maguire’s father was one of those caught in the stampede and now shocking footage obtained by The Sun has emerged of the moment.

Take a look:

Speaking to The Sun, one witness said: “I’ve never seen anything like it.

“If those doors hadn’t opened and the crush had got worse people could easily have died. I’ve followed England many times and recognised Harry’s dad caught in the worst of it.

“As soon as the doors burst open the bodies flooded in on top of each other and he was caught on the bottom. It was pandemonium. I ran towards the crush screaming at the yobs still pushing their way in: ‘Get Back you f***ing idiots!



“But they kept coming and innocent, paying fans caught up in it got crushed. I still can’t believe that I saw this at Wembley, which is supposed to be the best and safest place to watch a game. Heads should roll over this.”

After the match, the Manchester United defender admitted his dad was affected by the incident.

"It shook him up," Maguire said, adding that his father was "struggling with his breathing and his ribs" after the match at Wembley.

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