Everton friendly: When a Kenyan club completely took the p*ss out of them in a penalty shootout


Six days ago, we saw just how nerve-racking taking a penalty in a shootout can really be.

During the Euro 2020 final, five players missed their spot-kicks as the clash between England and Italy went the distance.

Andrea Belotti, Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho, Jorginho and Bukayo Saka all failed to score from 12 yards - something they would usually do nine times out of 10.

But when your kick could decide whether your nation wins the European Championships or not, it’s a little bit different.



Sure, you can replicate the walk from the halfway line in training but you can’t replicate the weight of an entire country on your shoulders inside a packed stadium.

Ultimately, Italy triumphed on the night.

However, not all penalty shootouts have that sort of pressure attached to them.

It’s the time of year that Premier League clubs travel around the world playing pre-season friendlies. Despite the fact these friendlies tend to be nothing more than warm-up matches, there is often a naff trophy at stake in an attempt to add a bit of competitiveness to the matches. It means that if games end in draws, they often go into penalties.

That was the case back in 2019 when Everton travelled to Kenya to play local side Kariobangi Sharks.

The winner would claim the SportPesa Cup - the sponsor of both teams.

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Who did Everton beat on the opening day of the 2020/21 Premier League campaign?

It was a youthful Everton side and they could only claim a 1-1 draw, meaning a penalty shootout would settle the SportPesa Cup.

What followed was pretty hilarious.

Would the Kariobangi Sharks feel a bit of pressure in front of their home supporters in the shootout?

Errrrr, not quite.

A clip has recently gone viral showing their sheer audacity from 12 yards. Not only did they produce outrageous run-ups to the kick, but they then mocked goalkeeper Maarten Stekelenburg with their celebrations.

Video: Kariobangi Sharks take the p*ss out of Everton


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The Twitter clip only shows two of the players having fun but the full penalty shootout shows it wasn’t just those two guilty of taking the abolsute p*ss. It ended with Kariobangi Sharks' goalkeeper scoring a sensational penalty to win it for them.

Take a look:

We couldn’t imagine them doing that in the final of a major international tournament, though.

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