Floyd Mayweather's surreal trailer for Tenshin Nasukawa fight will never be topped


2018. December 31. New Year’s Eve.

That was the opening for a trailer advertising the date of the three round exhibition fight between boxing legend Floyd Mayweather and the Japanese undefeated kickboxing champion Tenshin Nasukawa.

In the trailer, Floyd Mayweather walks out atop a skyscraper as lightning flashes in the background. He gazes down upon Tokyo in a shot reminiscent of Batman looking down on Gotham City.

But in this narrative, Mayweather is more of the Joker than Batman.

After his 2021 exhibition fight with YouTube star Logan Paul, Mayweather said “when it comes to legalized bank robbery, I’m the best.”

And it was December 31, 2018 when he first proved that statement to be true.


Mayweather did not prepare a training camp for the fight. He walked into the arena two hours late. Once the bell rang, he joked and toyed with Nasukawa as he threw fake punches and laughed at his opponent.

Two minutes later, Mayweather had felled Nasukawa three times and the fight was ended.

Two minutes. $9 million. Legalized bank robbery.

In the trailer, Nasukawa is portrayed as a worthy opponent to Mayweather. He dramatically walks out of the smoke and rips off his shirt to reveal a ripped physique.

But anyone who knew anything about boxing knew he did not stand a chance against one of the greatest boxers of all time.

He was undersized and under-skilled. Mayweather knew this beforehand, even asking for the fight to not be televised in North America. Instead, the fight was made a pay-per-view event for Japan and the rest of the world, who watched Mayweather defeat Nasukawa in just two minutes.

Fortunately for Nasukawa, he has since rehabilitated his career. He remains undefeated in kickboxing with a 41-0 record and was named the Combat Press Fighter of the Year in 2019.

On the other hand, Mayweather remains retired from professional boxing, but continues to compete in exhibition bouts for millions of dollars. On June 6, 2021 he fought Logan Paul and raked in another $10 million just for showing up for the fight.

They do not call him Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather for nothing.

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