McGregor, Khabib, Jones, Usman, Ngannou: UFC GOAT of every division named by fan


All of us sports fans love ourselves an all-time list.

However, most lists are, quite frankly, biased and promote an agenda of sorts.

A Conor McGregor fan would have him at the top spot even in boxing, while a Khabib Nurmagomedov fan would not stand anyone saying he’s not the greatest of all time when it comes to UFC.

But anyway, let’s now talk about an interesting list made by Twitter user @JamesMMA10.

By his own admission, the list features the “GOAT of every weight class” and “is the objective correct list and any counter argument is pointless.”


Here’s how the gentleman decided to rank his “GOATs”:

125lb (Flyweight): Demetrious Johnson 

135lb (Bantamweight): Henry Cejudo 

145lb (Featherweight): Conor McGregor 

155lb (Lightweight): Khabib Nurmagomedov 

170lb (Welterweight): Kamaru Usman 

185lb (Middleweight): Anderson Silva 

205lb (Light Heavyweight): Jon Jones 

Heavyweight: Francis Ngannou

As you can expect, Twitter wasn’t too kind to James and he has had to face a myriad of trolls who have torn into him for his opinion.

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Jens Pulver

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There were some interesting replies. While one fan called it a plain joke, saying: “I was about to come at you for the Cejudo then I saw the 145 and realised it was a joke,” another assumed that he must be new to MMA. He wrote: “Clearly you’re new to the sport and just started watching during this era… sheeshh.”

There was another fan who delivered a comprehensive verdict on the rankings, too. He wrote: 

“125lb: Yes. 135lb: no. 145lb: no. 155lb: unquestionably. 170lb: at some point it could be Usman but for now it’s still GSP. 185lb: yes but Izzy will give that a good run. 205lb: unquestionably, HWlb: definitely way too soon.”

To see the full reaction from UFC fans, the tweet can be seen below.

It’s always a risk putting your opinion online, especially when it comes to ranking and rating athletes. 

You’re a brave man, James!

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