Khabib Nurmagomedov: 66-year-old superfan gets her wish from UFC legend


Just when you think Khabib Nurmagomedov cannot be any more classy, he does something truly wonderful, making us respect him all the more. 

His latest act of generosity involves 66-year old superfan Nelly Gonzalez, who had been promised a birthday photo with the great man by Dana White.

Gonzalez waited for hours outside the UFC Apex in 105℉ heat and guess what? Khabib showed up and Ms. Nelly had been granted her wish. 

Just by looking at her expressions, you would know how chuffed and somewhat shocked she appears to be. It is not everyday that The Eagle shows up to your birthday, is it?

It is not the first time he has done something of the sort, though. We are quite used to seeing Khabib do this, and it just proves that he's a beast only inside of the Octagon. Outside of it, he's just a humble human being. 

Which makes it all the more tough to digest that Tyron Woodley, who's due to face Jake Paul, left the Russian out of his GOAT list.

"Anderson [Silva], once again, he has always been able to box," he told the media on Friday.

"Remember a long time ago we thought we would see him boxing Roy Jones Jr. I really just like to see the OGs get the respect they deserve. I like to see them at the top. Outside of Jon Jones, I think him and Demetrious Johnson are, in my opinion, are right there. Maybe [Henry] Cejudo after that, because Cejudo did so quick. He was cringey, but guess what, he was fast.

"When you look at the GOATs of this sport - it is hard to be a GOAT in this sport - you got to deal with Father Time, you got to deal with the backgrounds, you got to deal with the different elements. Everybody is not a 100%. We got life to be normal like everybody else. We go through depression, we go through bad situations, we go through [expletive] bad health, and we still got to turn up."

Takes a brave man to leave Khabib out of such a list.

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