Lewis Hamilton & Max Verstappen crash: What Mercedes man said on team radio


The showpiece 52-lap British Grand Prix had been cut short for a brief time due to a nasty collision between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen on the very first lap.

The British GP was red-flagged after an attempted overtake by Hamilton went horribly wrong, causing his title rival to go spinning into the barricade and out of the race entirely. Fortunately, however, he escaped the crash unscathed and was able to walk away unharmed.

Questions could be asked of Verstappen not giving Hamilton enough room to overtake, causing the high risk and dangerous collision, however, footage shows the Brit probably didn't have enough room to try and complete the overtake on that particular corner. Something that Red Bull chief Christian Horner would agree with, as he was left fuming with the incident.

Hamilton, understandably frustrated after the incident, said the following to his team radio: “I was ahead going in there man, fully alongside, that’s my line.

“He turned in on me man. I was giving that guy space.”

Hamilton has subsequently been handed a 10-second penalty for the collision with Verstappen; he’ll serve that in the pits before his first stop commences.

It appeared Lewis clearly expected Max to back out of it, and Max also expected Lewis to back down, but with a world championship at stake, neither racing driver wanted to give an inch.

Max could have given Lewis more room and Lewis equally so, too.

So it was a complete nightmare start for Red Bull, with their hopes now solely resting on Sergio Perez.

Hamilton’s 10-second penalty has completely altered proceedings going forward, however, so it really is anyone's race as of writing this article.

Hamilton is one of, if not the best, to ever do it, and yet accidents will always happen, it’s the nature of the sport unfortunately.

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