Lewis Hamilton & Max Verstappen crash: Fan footage of 180mph collision


Fan footage from the British Grand Prix shows the severity of the crash between Drivers’ Championship leader Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton.

In the video posted to YouTube, we see the pair make their way towards the corner with the crowd roaring them on, until Verstappen’s car loses a wheel and ploughs into the side of the track after a 180mph collision with the Brit.

The collision hits with great impact and even the fans are rendered speechless - and likely anxious at the safety of the driver.

The view of the track is then completely blurred by the smoke from the Dutchman’s car, but fortunately the first aid team are quick to the scene in order to check on the Red Bull man.

At this point in time it would have been difficult to determine the state of Verstappen, as it’s clear how intense the crash was. It’s since been revealed that the impact was 51G, making it even more remarkable that he walked away from the incident unscathed.

A comment on the video hails the health and safety team of Formula 1, saying: “Watching this video makes me more amazed at how safety has evolved in F1. To walk away from this crash is a testament.”

You can't really argue with that comment given how Verstappen was able to walk away unharmed.

In the aftermath of the race, the Red Bull ace took to Twitter, firstly to call out his opponent and title rival; labelling Hamilton as “disrespectful” and “unsportsmanlike”. However, the post which every Formula 1 - and even sports fan - will be relieved to see, is Verstappen posting a photo with his father (Jos Verstappen) captioned: “Cleared from the hospital after all the checks were ok. Thank you to everyone for all the nice messages and best wishes.”


The 23-year-old has been having a groundbreaking season until this point, and the events of last weekend will hopefully only be a minor setback.

With two weeks to recover, he travels to Hungary next on Sunday, August 1. Verstappen will enter the race holding a healthy lead over second-place Hamilton in the 2021 F1 standings.

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