Apex Legends Season 10: Second Teaser Revealed

Apex Legends Season 10

Apex Legends Season 10 is on its way and the second teaser for the upcoming season has finally been revealed and can be seen in the game.

There have already been some rumours and leaks, and one of these has revealed information around the new legend coming to Apex Legends.

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We are just over halfway through season 9, so there is still quite some time to go until season 10 is released.

To keep expectations high and to get players excited for the new season, developers Respawn are dropping teasers in Apex. This is to try and get fans guessing and trying to work out what could be in the new season.

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Apex Legends Reveal Second Season 10 Teaser

We have been told that there will be three teasers giving fans clues around the future season, and gamers are making sure they find them out as soon as they drop in the game. The first teaser was already revealed a few days ago.

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This second teaser is very similar from the first, which was a log that players could see at the Countdown Main Building.

Again, it is another log, and to find this one for yourself, you have to go to Staging. We believe this log is the full teaser, but if there are any changes or updates, we will provide you with all the information down below.

This log was revealed on Twitter by Shrugtal and was written from the unknown Bilal (who also sent the first blog) can be clearly read and says: “Serious Electronic activity in TY. They are actually increasing Harvester activity.. Do they want us all to burn?!”

At first this message might sound somewhat confusing to the Apex community, but the last half of the message makes it sound like some big changes could be coming to the map in season 10. It sounds like some sort of reaction could change the map as we know it.

The fact he says ‘do they want us all to burn’ is also quite interesting, especially due to the fact that Apex recently brought a new Arena map to the game, which features lava.

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Maybe something along these lines will come to the battle royale map, and keep an eye on this page for the upcoming teaser, which will soon arrive in Apex.

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