Cristiano Ronaldo's awkward moment with Lionel Messi when Kaka won at 2007 FIFA awards

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Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have won more trophies than could possibly be counted.

Messi and Ronaldo's trophy haul

While it's no secret that the superstar duo have won a staggering 11 Ballon d'Or plaques between them, we dread to think what the overall total would come to if you counted every single gong.

However, believe it or not, there was a time when Messi and Ronaldo weren't lifting silverware every 10 seconds with 2007 proving something of a last frontier before their era of dominance.

Now, it goes without saying that both players were enjoying lifting trophies with Manchester United and Barcelona at the time, but the individual awards were yet to arrive in their droves.

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Close to glory in 2007

That's not a criticism, by the way, because the dynamic duo were only just finding their feet at the highest level and hadn't necessarily become the omnipotent world-beaters that we know today.

In fact, as you all know, the standout performer of 2007 was actually Kaka with the AC Milan star blazing an unstoppable trail all the way to Champions League glory in Athens.

As such, it was the Brazilian icon who took the acclaim that year by way of winning both the Ballon d'Or and the FIFA World Player of the Year prize, which has since rebranded to 'The Best' award.


Raise for second behind Kaka

But make no mistake that Ronaldo and Messi were hot on his heels with the two superstars finishing on the podium at both ceremonies as they edged towards a decade of pure duopoly.

However, just because the pair weren't competing for glory, it doesn't mean that the debate between them wasn't raging because which of them finished second to Kaka was a huge point of contention.

Ronaldo was the Maid of Honour at the Ballon d'Or ceremony, but the tables turned 15 days later when the pair gathered for the FIFA ball in which Messi usurped him to bag the silver medal.


Awkward Messi and Ronaldo moment

But try telling that to Ronaldo because awkward footage of the ceremony has reemerged this week, which appears to show the United icon thinking that he had actually won the silver prize.

Despite the announcers clearly declaring that Messi had finished in second place, Ronaldo took the prize for second place after what looked like an admittedly muddled conversation with Pele.

As such, there was a slightly cringe-worthy moment where a combination of Sepp Blatter and the presenter had to encourage the two superstars to swap trophies. Check out the moment below:

That's got to be the most awkward moment between Ronaldo and Messi that we've ever seen.

Wait, was it Pele's fault?

Considering that Ronaldo's English is nothing short of impeccable, there's good reason to think that Pele might actually be at fault here for reflexively handing him the silver prize for reaching the stage first.

Either way, though, there evidently was a split-second where Ronaldo mistakenly thought that he was the second-place finisher even if the blame should actually lay at Pele's feet.


And make no mistake that Ronaldo was nothing short of class when the situation was resolved with the Portuguese happily swapping plaques with Messi before posing for photographs with Kaka.

But regardless of what actually happened during the bizarre exchange, it's easy to see why the video pops up from time to time because there's no denying that it's got 'cringe' written all over it.

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