Tony Hawk: Gui Khury, 12, lands 'Holy Grail' in front of skateboard legend


Brazilian skateboarder Gui Khury became the first person to successfully land the 1080 on a vertical ramp, and he did so at the X Games no less. Oh, and he's also just 12 years old.

During the ongoing X Games, the 12-year-old completed the 1080, a skateboarding trick in which one performs three full rotations in the air. 

If that wasn't good enough by itself, he did so in the presence of skateboarding royalty Tony Hawk, who completed the 900 at the X Games in San Francisco back in 1999.

Hawk was quick to congratulate Khury, giving the young boy a fist bump and then a hug, which undoubtedly made his day even better. He went on to win the gold medal in the Vert Best Trick discipline, becoming the youngest to attain the feat.

Hawk also took to Instagram to congratulate the young Brazilian, with the caption: "Jumped into the Best Trick event at @xgames this afternoon and managed to make a few things. So fun to be back in the mix! Congrats to @gui_khury on pulling a 1080 for the [gold medal]!"

The 1080 has been called "the Holy Grail of all skateboard tricks" and just to complete it on its own is an achievement in itself. Doing it at the X Games makes it 10x better, but doing it at the X Games aged only 12, in front of Tony Hawk, is just magnificent, and that's putting it mildly.

Khury has actually completed the 1080 during training before and now he has become the first individual to do this in a competition. Aged only 12, the young Brazilian has a bright future ahead and has the capability to reach the same heights as Hawk did. The 53-year-old has 10 gold medals in the X Games.

Khury has age on his side and provided he is on his toes and keeps practicing, he could well become a skateboarding icon.

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