Lewis Hamilton & Max Verstappen crash: Brit's comments back in 2018 are awkward now


On Sunday, as Lewis Hamilton did the absolute impossible, while his admirers burst into unprecedented levels of joy, rival fans had nothing but fury for the legendary F1 driver.

After him and Max Verstappen contrived a collision, both blamed it on the other, but only one could blame and celebrate, and that was Hamilton. The majority of F1 fans, however, believe it was the Brit who caused the collision.

Even though he did get a 10 second penalty, he stunned Silverstone with what was quite possibly his greatest drive to date to secure an iconic victory.

Following his sensational win, Hamilton said: "[On Saturday] I went down the left-hand side and I really regretted not going for the gap that was down the right-hand side and so I dummied him, moved to the left and then moved to the right for that gap.

"I was pretty far up alongside him but I then could see he wasn't going to back-out and we went into the corner and then we collided. Of course, that's never the way I ever want to win a race or just in general to race but these things do happen."


Quite measured words, aren’t they?

However, the balance of the words are outweighed by the underlying contradiction. Reason being, what happened to Verstappen here is very similar to what happened with Valtteri Bottas in 2018, with the driver causing the collision being Sebastian Vettel - who Hamilton was fighting at the time for the title.

Of course, neither did Vettel win the race - he finished fifth, while Bottas finished seventh - nor did Hamilton lose the championship, but here’s what he said of the clash, as per Sky Sports: "Ultimately, if you ruin someone's race because of a mistake, and you're able to come back to a place ahead of the other person, that penalty doesn't outweigh your mistake. You shouldn't be able to finish ahead of the other person if you take them out of the race. It's like you're violating the speed, but  just let you go."

There’s a lot that reeks of someone like Jose Mourinho here.

Obviously, nothing wrong with contradicting yourself, but this is elite sport and there’s only so many times you cut your own words to smithereens as per your convenience.

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