Valorant: Team Liquid's AverageJonas talks streaming during the pandemic

The Sova king of Valorant talks streaming during a global pandemic

Team Liquid Valorant player AverageJonas recently discussed streaming content to Twitch and how he has perfected using Sova in-game.

“One problem with streaming is that it’s kind of a lonely gig,” Jonas “AverageJonas” Navarsete began during his interview with the official Team Liquid site. “Then you have COVID isolation on top of it as well.”

AverageJonas has spent hundreds of hours in-game mastering archer character Sova. The prolific player would utilize customer maps to intuit the physics of Sova’s arrows, giving him an unbelievable advantage in eSports.

“At some point, I just felt like I was ready,” he said regarding his use of the character. “300 lineups later and hundreds of arrows in custom games I realized that I can more or less make a lineup on the fly now and know exactly where the arrow lands just based on experience. I just feel—be one with the arrow—feel where it’s gonna land.” 

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The Sova king of Valorant talks streaming during a global pandemic

AverageJonas reacts

The pro gamer would also dispel the myth that eSports is just purely ‘turning on a console and playing,’ with the Sova master having made many different calculations to perfect his playstyle in the ever-growing FPS.

“It is a lot of work” AverageJonas stated. “People think it’s just turning on your PC and playing computer games and that couldn’t be more wrong. I think that people don’t realize that there’s a lot more thought put into the choices I make. Maybe on the surface, it looks random when in reality it’s something I planned and something I tested.”

Jonas would also say why he felt it was important to move past the ‘Sova main’ branding that he had gained over his time as a Valorant steamer and competitive player. 

“Suddenly, the Sova branding becomes like the opposite. It kinda hinders me from moving forward” AverageJonas claimed. “I had to slowly work my way out of that, and that took a long time. Basically, you’re doing a mini-rebrand the entire time. You’re going from only Sova to playing more agents, from ranked to playing unranked or with your friends, and then, ideally, you wanna play more games.”

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