Apex Legends Season 10: Battle Pass Name Revealed

Apex Legends

Apex Legends Season 10 is on its way and the name for the latest battle pass has finally been revealed and it could reveal a lot about what the season will entail.

The battle royale game has been really successful. By bringing in seasons, they have kept it more fresh and have attracted a wider audience.

We are around halfway through season 9, and still have some time to wait for season 10, however there has been a lot of details coming out ahead of its release.

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The new season looks to be a very exciting one and could be one of the best ones yet. Hopefully we see a lot of new changes to keep the game nice and fresh.

Battle Pass Name Revealed For Apex Legends Season 10

One thing that massively excites the fan base before a new season comes out is the battle pass. This is due to the fact that it features unlockable rewards, like weapons, character skins, coins and voice lines.

Apex also names their battle passes, and sometimes this can give gaming fans a clue as to what the theme will be for the new season.

The name has been officially revealed by Apex Legends recently, and the gaming community found out via the Apex site that the season 10 battle pass will be called emergence.

For now this is all we know really about the battle pass, but if we find out more information, we will provide updates on it right here.

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Emergence is a very intriguing name, but sadly unlike other seasons it does not give a lot away. Players will be hoping that the Emergence battle pass will have a lot of great rewards, especially when it comes to Legend skins.

As always, there have already been some announcements, and one was the new legend for season 10.

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With just under a month to go, excitement is definitely building and we are definitely counting down the days for season 10 to arrive.

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