Lewis Hamilton v Max Verstappen: Red Bull 'have data' to lay blame for Silverstone crash at Brit's door

christian horner

Red Bull are said to possess data that shows Lewis Hamilton was going faster into Copse on lap one than at any other time of the British Grand Prix on Sunday, potentially suggesting that the Briton was to blame for the incident with Max Verstappen.

Battle lines weren't just drawn on Sunday afternoon just after 3pm at Copse corner, they were carved in stone, and both camps from Toto Wolff and Christian Horner down to fans on social media were quick to pull the trigger in the blame game.

Ultimately, the stewards gave Hamilton a 10-second time penalty for his involvement in the incident - one of the milder sanctions a driver can receive - and many would have thought as though that would be that.

This, though, is Formula 1 and as per Martin Brundle's regular post-race Sky Sports column, Red Bull feel as though there is a case to potentially bring against the Mercedes man.

hamilton verstappen

The former F1 driver writes:

"I am told by Red Bull there is data to prove Lewis was significantly faster into Copse than at any other time and he would not have made the corner without running wide, and inevitably contacting Max.

"Presumably, that will be made publicly available and if Red Bull feel they have 'new evidence' they may well make an appeal to the FIA as to their perceived degree of fault and leniency regarding Hamilton."

Now, the suggestion essentially here is that Hamilton was going too fast to make the corner and should have perhaps taken more care to avoid Verstappen, though he did have huge slipstream from the Red Bull and that could also explain the increased speed - whilst Max's sweep across at turn at one was also noticeable. 

Will Red Bull make an official complaint? We'll have to see, but it seems this might not be over just yet...

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