FIFA 22: Brand New Custom Tactics Have Been Announced


FIFA 22 is only a few months away from being released and gamers will be excited to hear the new custom tactics that have been announced ahead of its launch.

The football gaming franchise has been huge ever since the first game was released all the way back in 1993.

What developers EA Sports brought in a few editions of FIFA ago was custom tactics. This gave players a brand new way to make their teams unique. It also let FIFA gamers play in the exact style they wanted to.

When it comes to the upcoming game, the expectation is high, so hopefully these new features will be exactly what the community wants.

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Brand New Custom Tactics Revealed as Image Emerges

The custom tactics are easy to sort out in the team management section of the game, and it can be done in seconds.

What is great for FIFA fans to see is that an image has emerged on Twitter via @FUTZONECENTRAL and it has revealed some new custom tactics coming to the game.

Although we cannot see if there's some new tactics in Build Up Play or Chance Creation, we can see that the width has been added and the way you control how wide you want your team to be is by using the slider. This gives you full control on how you want your team structure to be in your game.

This will be exciting, and hopefully it means that there will be more custom tactics added to the game.

Alongside this new revelation, FIFA 22 finally revealed gameplay footage of the game at the EA Play Live Event.

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The gameplay footage has got many excited for the release of the game, and this is due to happen in September 2021.

It isn’t just new tactics coming to the game, but brand new Ultimate Team cards too and some of these have already been announced.

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Hopefully the news of more custom tactics has got many excited, especially those who play the game to a very competitive level/

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