Latest PlayStation 5 console weighs less than launch model

The PS5 has been difficult to get hold of since its release in 2020.

An all-new version of the PlayStation 5 is set to be launched that differs from the original edition that launched last year.

Sony’s flagship console has been notoriously challenging to get hold of after it hit the gaming market globally during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The initial console had a capacity of 825 GB with a custom SSD, along with three SuperSpeed USB ports, ethernet, HDMI and Bluetooth connectivity and with a total weight of 3.9 kg.

Business analyst Roberto Serrano previously spotted that Sony had registered an all-new wireless communication module which applied to new type of PS5 model, leading to questions regarding whether more expensive versions of the console would be made.

However, it appears that even more changes have been spotted compared to last year’s launch hardware.

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Sony HQ in Japan.

Lighter PS5 model coming to market

Thanks to Restera (via VGC) the revised PS5 will have some significant changes that differ to what we first saw last year – and will be a digital only version.

Taking a closer look at the specifications provided by Sony, the new PS5 will weight approximately 300g lighter than the original version. These PS5s are currently for sale at some Japanese retailers and will be selling them as part of their next sales.

It is an interesting move from Sony to take this action. While we know that there was a shortage of semiconductors that has affected production speed, it is not clear that this is the key reason why the gaming producers that taking this produce.

COVID-19 has had a huge affect on the industry as a whole, with many developers either delaying, or cancelling their gaming products entirely. It would not be a surprise if this was an attempt to cut down on costs, and we don’t think anyone would blame them for that.

It will be fascinating to see whether Sony have any further plans for more consoles in the future.

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