Inter Milan: Fans react to awful new sponsor on stunning home kit


It’s that time of year once again as football fans begin to turn their eyes to the upcoming club season.

After a simply sensational European Championship and Copa America, clubs are jetting off on their pre-season training camps as they look to whip themselves into shape.

While fans will be gobbling up any and all content from their clubs training sessions, discussions over potential transfers will also be the order of the day.

However, in recent years, the rating and slating of new kits has also become a pre-season staple for fans.

There is always a rogue strip that will divide fans right down the middle but, in general, they tend to agree on the woeful and the wonderful.


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This season is no different with some quite gorgeous kits being revealed by the likes of Arsenal and Liverpool.

On the flip side, some teams just haven’t got it right at all, with Manchester United‘s bland home effort proving to be a real eye sore.

In United’s case, the new team sponsor ‘Team Finder’ does little to boost the aesthetic attractiveness of the shirt, just going to show how important the logo that takes centre stage can be.

One such club that is learning that lesson the hard way is Inter Milan.


The Italian giants released what promised to be one of the kits of the season last with a slick snake-skin take on their famous blue and black stripes.

With many fans simply falling in love with last season’s effort, it genuinely looked as though they had taken it to the next level.

That is until today, however.


After a fruitful 16-year run with tyre manufacturer Pirelli emblazoned on their chests, the Serie A champions unveiled a new shirt sponsor today and, sadly, the logo absolutely wrecks the kit.

Images of the shirt with the new sponsor hit the internet today with the general feeling being that it ruins what had the potential to be a stunning strip.

It’s safe to say that fans did not take kindly to it.


While you understand the need for these commercial partnerships, it is always a shame when this sort of thing happens.

You can’t help but feel that it will put a dent in the number of shirts they sell in the long run which could have some financial implications of its own.

Just bring back Pirelli.

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