Barcelona, Liverpool, PSG: The 15 finest 2021/22 kits that have been released so far

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Football fans are knee deep into that time of year where clubs are releasing their kits for the new season.

Love for football kits

While the design of a jersey is ultimately arbitrary in terms of the team’s performances on the pitch, there’s no denying that sports fashion plays an integral and fascinating role in the beautiful game.

Besides, there’s just something about the release of new jerseys that turns every football fan into a counterfeit fashionista, separating the terrific texturing from the disappointing designs.

And it feels as though the last few years have seen major sports merchandisers like Adidas, Puma and Nike push the boat out more and more with bold patterns and wild colour combinations.

Man Utd CLOSING IN on Ruben Neves (Football Terrace)

Stunning new releases

As such, we’re entering the 2021/22 campaign with an increasing amount of eye-catching jerseys hitting the shelves and we wanted to highlight the very best of them here at GIVEMESPORT.

That’s because we’ve selected the 15 jerseys that we consider to be the best looking that have been unveiled thus far, so no unreleased beauties such as Inter Milan’s away kit and Arsenal’s third strip.

Our selection policy is purely based upon the humble opinion of your resident writer, which isn’t any more or less legitimate than yours, particularly with taste in football kits proving so subjective.



Best 2021/22 kits released so far

Oh, and I’m only human, so I haven’t been able to scan through every single jersey that’s been released. I can only apologised if I’ve missed an absolute stunner from the Danish seventh tier.

But disclaimers and housekeeping aside, here are the 15 football kits for that 2021/22 season that have been so released so far that we consider to be the best in the business:

15. Hertha Berlin away

While this jersey is bound to be divisive, nobody can deny that it gets ten out of ten for originality with the unique, spring-like stripes really popping on a clean white background.


14. Liverpool away

I don’t love it as much as many fans seem to, but there’s no denying that Liverpool‘s homage to one of their 1990s beauties has been tastefully executed.


13. Hibernian home

I’m loving the trend of maps being used for patterns on shirts and there’s just something about the geography of Edinburgh sitting in Hibernian’s classic green livery that looks so darn classy.


12. Marseille away

A bold and brave cocktail of dark blues makes for a second consecutive season of Marseille knocking it out the park with their away jerseys.


11. Hull City away

I’m not usually a huge fan of the blackout kits because, well, they’re just one colour, but I think the slight notes of grey on the stripes make a world of difference for Hull’s one contribution to the trend.


10. Manchester City home

I don’t know why this works so well because it’s actually not doing anything special, but I love it just the same because sometimes you adore a football shirt without actually knowing why.


9. Club America away

Three things are guaranteed in life: death, taxes and Club America having some of the best kits in world football. 


8. Bayern Munich away

Black and gold has always been a colour combination for the heavens, so just imagine the eye candy that comes with marrying that to yet another belting Bayern template by Adidas.


7. Paris Saint-Germain away

Simply lush. This is so refreshing and gorgeous to look at it that you could probably wear this to Paris fashion week and nobody would bat an eyelid.


6. Inter Milan home

We’re going to ignore the fact that Inter’s new sponsors effectively ruin the whole aesthetics of this jersey because the snake-like template absolutely sings. 


5. Barcelona away

I can hear the booing already because this has undeniably split fans down the middle, but the lush purple background and inventively-altered club badge are a massive plus for me.


4. Paris Saint-Germain home

Just look at it. Just drink it in. PSG are the only team with two kits on the list and no home kit places higher than their stunningly smart design.


3. Parma away

This might just be the most underrated new jersey on the market because Parma’s classic yellow and blue alternate uniform has arguably never looked better than it does this summer. Belter.


2. Ajax away

You can rest assured that Ajax will release at least one jaw-dropping kit every single season and their black and blue-stripped effort this year is an absolute feast for the eyes.


1. Atlético Mineiro ‘Manto da Massa 113’

Oh. My. Goodness. This absolute stunner is head and shoulders above every other jersey with its stunning incorporation of cartography, beautifully rounded off with yellow and green trimmings.


Atletico Mineiro shine brightest

To be honest, even if you absolutely despise every single kit that I’ve picked from 15th to 2nd, we can surely all agree that Atlético Mineiro’s special jersey is one of the best strips of the last 10 years.

And with plenty of leaked designs that suggest these 15 will have some serious serious rivalry by the time the season starts, we can’t wait to see which new release similarly blow our minds.

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