eFootball: Roadmap Revealed


Pro Evolution Soccer have taken a drastic turn to compete with FIFA by revamping their game, changing it completely by calling it eFootball, whilst losing the PES brand forever and the roadmap has been revealed.

The football game was a huge success from 2003-2008, but then started to fade away and then were unable to match the popularity of FIFA.

This is a huge idea from developers Konami, and hopefully it gives them what they need to get back into the world of football games and become a competitor again.

eFootball will be a pleasant arrival for the football gaming community, as not only will it give players other sports games to play, but it should also make FIFA up their game to make sure they stay on top.

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What is a roadmap?

Before big game releases or even before games release big updates, they reveal a roadmap for gamers.

A roadmap is a map of planned progress. It shows all of the steps on a video game either during the new update or in the build up to a game being released, and this is exactly what eFootball have done.

eFootball Reveal Roadmap

What is a huge change is the fact that eFootball will be free-to-play, and this is a very interesting step that they will be taking to try and become a top game. Therefore from the moment it is released, anyone on console will be able to play the game immediately after downloading it from the store.

eFootball has produced a great Roadmap, which shows that a lot of new content will be arriving soon.

It shows that content will be released for the game from early Autumn to Winter and they will be released at three separate times, early Autumn, Autumn and Winter.

Here is what we will see released during these three periods:

Early Autumn: This is when the game will come out and there will be an all-new game engine rollout. You will be allowed to play local matches with nine teams, including Manchester United and cross-generation matches will be available.

Autumn: Online Leagues will arrive, as well as a team-building mode (similar to Ultimate Team). Cross-generation matches will not just include Playstation and Xbox, but also PC and there will be a match pass system introduced (like a season pass).

Winter: eFootball will be hosting eSports tournaments and cross-platform will start to include mobile. There will also be the introduction of mobile controller support.

All this sounds very exciting, especially due to the fact that the game will be free, and we hope that it lives up to expectations.

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