Fortnite includes Ferrari in first official car license

The all-new Ferrari 296 GTB will be available in Fortnite.

Fortnite have signed a unique partnership with Ferrari and will be included in their successful battle royale series for the first time.

The all-new 296 GTB model has been unveiled in real life with the iconic yellow-shielded prancing horse on its bonnet, and Epic Games have crafted licensing rights that hasn’t been game with any game of this genre.

With an 830-horsepower three-litre hybrid V6 hybrid engine, with a 0-60 time of 2.9 seconds and a top speed of 210 mph, it is a car that players that now take control of in-game.

Earlier in the week, Ferrari confirmed that the including of their newest model and gamers can now take it for a spin on the deep, dark, treacherous and dangerous Fortnite Island.

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Ferrari in Fortnite

That’s right, you will get to see the 296 GTB in-game and drive around the treacherous and dangerous world of Fortnite Island.

Thanks to Shiina, a notorious Fortnite leaker, they posted a picture on Twitter regarding what the Ferrari will look like in lobbies.

This is an interesting move for Epic Games to make, to say the least. It will be equally as intriguing if EA, the publishes of Apex Legends, will follow suit with a partnership of their own.

Time will tell.

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