Terence Crawford vs Shawn Porter: Date, Odds, Tickets, Stats, Live Stream, Card And Everything You Need To Know

Terence Crawford vs Shawn Porter

A big fight is on its way in the world of boxing as Terence Crawford faces Shawn Porter and we have all the information that sporting fans need to know ahead of the bout.

The two have been ordered to fight by the WBO as they want them to meet in the ring to decide who is the winner of the Welterweight Belt.

Currently Crawford holds this belt, so there is a lot on the line for him, and both fighters have 30 days to agree on a deal otherwise the WBO will order a purse bid.

Despite the boxing fight being ordered by the WBO, it is definitely a good event and no doubt many will be tuning in to watch it.

Latest News

10th August: Terence Crawford has emphasised his desire to fight the winner of Manny Pacquiao vs Errol Spence Jr.

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30th July: Shawn Porter speaks out for the first time on his feelings after finding out he was going to fight Terence Crawford.

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27th July: Top promoter Bob Arum has said that the fight should take place in November.

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The fight will take place on Saturday 20th November 2021. It is being held in America, therefore UK fans can expect the main event to get under way at around 4am on Sunday (21st November 2021) morning.

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Crawford was meant to fight Errol Spence Jr before this new fight was ordered, and so currently the bookies are having to change the fight details. According to Oddschecker, Crawford was the favourite against Spence JR and no doubt he will be the favourite again.


It will be interesting to see which promotion picks up the event and decides to sell tickets. With the two boxers both American, it will be very likely that not only the event will be held in the USA, but it will also be dealt with by American promotions.  The UK TV rights have not been confirmed yet but it will be shown on ESPN+ PPV in the USA.

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The bout will be taking place at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Both have really good records, and will not want to receive a loss following this fight as it would tarnish their reputation. Here are the stats of the two:

Terence Crawford:
Fights: 37
Wins: 37
Losses: 0
Draws: 0
Win By KO: 28

Shawn Porter:
Fights: 35
Wins: 31
Losses: 3
Draws: 1
Win By KO: 17

The fight between the two is a mouth-watering prospect, and hopefully it lives up to expectations and a fight day gets announced soon.

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