Steam Deck: New device to come with removable SSD storage

Valve's Steam Deck will come with an upgradeable SSD.

Steam Deck will have a fully adaptable SSD module but Valve have admitted that it is not straightforward to change.

The handheld console will directly up against Nintendo's Switch, which has been out for a number of years now and the competition will start to heat up as its launch date edges closer.

Valve, Steam Deck's creators, are advertising the device as a handheld PC and software can be installed to incorporate with the system.

However, for casual players, the developers have admitted that it could be a problem for some.

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Steam Deck will be Valve's handheld console to take on the Nintendo Switch.

Steam Deck SSD

Following Valve's unveil of the Steam Deck, hardware engineer Yazan Aldehayyat told IGN that the SSD is not part of the motherboard, which means that it can be removed and possibly upgraded if the user wants to.

“We are using a standard M.2 NVMe SSD in there,” Aldehayyat said. “It's a separate module – we went against the trend of putting it directly on the motherboard.”

“The repairability is something we did actually focus on and try to make it as repairable as possible. But, it's really meant for people who know what they're doing, and have experience doing it.”

This could be challenging for those people that are inexperienced with computer maintenance, and depending on the device's warranty, it could mean that hefty repair bills could be in place for those SSD drives that come across faults at some point.

Steam Deck will come in three versions:

  • 64GB version will cost $399, which is £288.
  • The 256GB will be available for $529, which is £382
  • The 512GB version, which is understandably the most expensive version, will be $649. This is £469.

The console could be released in time for Christmas 2021, but we will find out more in the coming months.

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