Apex Legends Season 10: Seer’s Abilities Have Been Revealed

Apex Legends

Apex Legends Season 10 is nearly upon us and Apex have finally revealed the abilities that new Legend Seer will have in the game.

The battle royale game has been hugely successful ever since its release in 2017 and developers Respawn have kept it popular by introducing seasons.

The seasons seem to get better and better as season 9 has had two limited time events, the Thrillseekers Event and the Genesis Collection event.

Many thought the Legend was leaked around a month or so ago but this proved to be false information following Apex confirming that the legend is actually Seer.

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Seer’s abilities Revealed ahead of Season 10 of Apex

What is very interesting about Seer is that he is the first type of tracker Legend to come into the game since Bloodhound.

The gaming community will have a lot of fun with this ‘stealth-orientated’ tracker and the abilities he has will make many want to use him straightaway upon release.

His tactical is very interesting as he has the ability to utilise the swarm of tracking drones that he has in his chest. With these, he can track and find enemies in Kings Canyon.

Meanwhile, his passive is basically a heartbeat sensor. This is something he can use when he is aiming down the sight of his weapon. As a tracker Legend this is huge as he will be able to locate nearby enemies.

Although his abilities are not ones which are offensive or defensive, Seer definitely could make a huge difference if he is on your team. He would be able to tell you exactly where nearby opponents are.

After revealing his abilities, we are even more excited for the release of season 10 and cannot wait to get our hands on Seer.

There is now such a good variety of Legends to use in the game that can tailor to any specific play style a player has, and this makes Apex one of the best battle royale games around.

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