Dead Space Remake: Everything We Know So Far

Dead Space Remake

Dead Space is a hugely successful franchise, and it has been revealed that the original game will be remade. This is something that has massively pleased the gaming community.

Players will be able to relive the tale of ship system engineer Isaac Clarke, whose life in space drastically changes following a mission going wrong and ending up as a race against the clock to survive.

It is easy to see why the hit game from 2008 being remastered has sent the gaming world mad, and we for one are very excited for the remake to be released.

Here is all you need to know about the Dead Space remake:

Latest News

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Release Date

The release date has been confirmed! It will come out on January 27th, 2023.

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Reveal Trailer

The reveal trailer was released at the EA Play Live event, and it would have definitely got gaming fans thoroughly excited for the remake of Dead Space. It was a minute long and immediately you could see how good the game is going to be with next-generation graphics.

Watch the reveal trailer down below.


Many have been wondering if the game would be available on the Nintendo Switch. Sadly we have some bad news as the remake of Dead Space will only be available on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.


When a game is being remade or remastered, there are questions about whether it is being developed by the same people who made the original game. The developers have changed. The original developers were Visceral Games, and the developers for the remake are studio EA Motive.

However, this is not a bad thing as EA were the publishers of the original so there is not much difference at all.


The game will feature all of the original characters, including the main character Isaac Clarke as well as Ellie Langford, Kendra Daniels and Michael Altman.

The Dead Space Remake is not expected to be ready until at least 2023.
The Dead Space Remake is not expected to be ready until at least 2023.


We have not got any gameplay footage yet aside from the reveal trailer. However, EA have revealed that fans will have a much better experience, with an improved story, characters and gameplay mechanics.

This is very exciting for not just fans of the franchise, but also new players looking for a game that matches the Sci-fi horror genre and we for one can’t wait for its release.

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