Valorant: G2 Lothar is 'worried' about the eSport game's future

The respected Valorant commentator gives his view on the agent Jett

G2's Jakub 'Lothar' Szygulski recently discussed why he is worried about the future of the growing eSport Valorant.

G2 Lothar, a well-respected commentator on the European Valorant Champions Tour, recently revealed to GinX eSports why he was concerned about the future of the sport, with many gamers choosing to play as one agent in particular, Jett.

“Jett will be the highest picked agent, on most maps, for the majority of the time," Lothar said to GinX. "She will be picked because there is no one else with a similar kit,” the popular Valorant personality continued.

G2 Lothar on game-breaking Valorant agent

“A team with two Jetts would just be insanely oppressive", Lothar noted before describing how the abilities of the agent are almost game-breaking. 

"You could just dash in with two players and you have no way of defending. Every single attack would be a retake as defenders would have to play very deep on the site.”

Hilariously, Lothar felt at the Beta stage of the Valorant release that Jett might end up being "useless." However, she is a very different issue now, with the line between agents being over and underpowered in the game being razor thin.

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The respected Valorant commentator gives his view on the agent Jett

As a solution, Lothar has suggested that the game brings in a pick-phase ahead of matches. “We need a ‘pick-phase’ as soon as possible in the game. Opponents could react and create another layer of strategy."

"Especially further down the line. for example, Jett can now be countered with Tripwires, so maybe Cypher would be a better choice rather than Killjoy. If the other team isn’t playing with any smokes, maybe you would opt for more flashes.”

Games such as Rogue Company offer somewhat of a pick-phase system ahead of matches, although this is for players on the same team, rather than seeing what the opposing team has set for the upcoming contest.

With Valorant still growing as a bigger name in FPS eSports, they will need to find a way to iron out issues such as Jett being overpowered; otherwise, it could marring players' experience overall.

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