Valorant: NRG take surprise loss in NA VCT open qualifiers

The popular eSports team take loss in tournament qualifiers

NRG took a surprise loss in the NA Valorant Champions Tour open qualifiers, meaning that they're holding onto their spot in the tournament by a tiny margin.

NRG eSports took the upset loss from the Resonate team in the round 32 during the Stage Three Challengers Two open qualifiers. Following the loss, NRG's run in Stage Three is over early, and they're just holding onto their spot in the Champion's North American Last Chance Qualifier by a cliff's edge. 

Following their win, the Resonate squad moves on in the open qualifiers for Challengers Two. NRG eSports are now finished for the remainder of the third stage, but they may not even make it to the Last Chance Qualifier. 

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The popular eSports team take loss in tournament qualifiers

NRG eSports Hanging on By a Thread

NRG sits in 9th in the NA VCT, with 30 points from the Stage Two Challengers Finals. If two of the teams currently behind NRG in the North American rankings, namely Luminosity, Andbox, Immortals, TSM or T1, end up reaching the Stage Three Playoffs, they would earn enough points to knock NRG out of contention for the Champions Tour.

NRG has made some big changes during this year's VCT. The team recruited two all-stars from Andbox and Equinox, namely ANDROID and tex, respectively. Right now, NRG can only sit and watch as other teams now have an opportunity to make headway in Champions and potentially knock off a major team in the sport.

NRG can still keep their spot in Champions, but only if three of the four teams that reach Challengers Playoffs are already ahead of them in the overall standings.

Here are the current standings for the VCT North American Circuit:

  • Sentinels - 500 points
  • Version 1 - 200 points
  • Envy - 85 points
  • FaZe Clan - 70 points
  • 100 Thieves - 50 points
  • Cloud9 Blue - 50 points
  • Gen.G - 45 points
  • XSET - 30 points
  • NRG eSports - 30 points
  • Luminosity - 20 points
  • Andbox - 20 points
  • Immortals - 10v points

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