Cristiano Ronaldo showboated Arsenal to death for Man Utd in the Premier League in 2008

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Cristiano Ronaldo made for blockbuster viewing at Manchester United.

Ronaldo’s entertaining United days

It might have been at Real Madrid where the Portuguese superstar produced his most devastating numbers, but there’s no denying that his most entertaining football came at Old Trafford.

There was a certain rawness about Ronaldo that meant you couldn’t take your eyes off him, flitting between moments of pure athletic brilliance to skilful majesty without a moment’s notice.

As a result, it should come as no surprise that so many football fans migrate back to footage of Ronaldo tearing up the Premier League despite it now having been 11 years since his United exit.

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Tricks and skills at Old Trafford

It doesn’t matter how many times you see Ronaldo whipping out step-overs in that iconic red jersey, there’s just something that feels so fresh and eye-grabbing about it every single time.

And just in case you feel like you’re lacking your recent fix of Ronaldo at his entertaining best, breath a sigh of relief because we’ve got you covered with a classic clip from the United vault.

We’re taking you on a nostalgic journey back to Ronaldo’s greatest ever season with the Red Devils, which saw him bag a record-breaking 31 Premier League goals and his first Ballon d’Or trophy.



Man Utd 2-1 Arsenal (2008)

And the level of confidence that Ronaldo was playing with couldn’t have been more apparent than during United’s 2-1 league win over Arsenal in April 2008.

Emmanuel Adebayor had opened the scoring for the Gunners only for Ronaldo’s penalty and a glorious free-kick from Owen Hargreaves to give United a one-goal lead going into stoppage time.

There was no hope for Arsenal from that point onwards because Ronaldo showed the world that nobody can time-waste like him by producing some of the most outrageous showboating we’ve ever seen.


Ronaldo showboating Arsenal to death

The six-time Ballon d’Or winner proceeded to mesmerise Justin Hoyte with an entire portfolio of tricks and skills in a masterclass made all the more jaw-dropping by the intimate camera angle.

It really does look like you’re watching Ronaldo balling in a Nike advert, so be sure to check out the remarkable footage and how the Arsenal players reacted to it down below:

Livid Arsenal players

Now, we’re not trying to condone violence on football pitches here, but you can certainly understand why Hoyte wanted to take a chunk out of Ronaldo by the time he’d watched about five skill moves.

And the Arsenal youngster wasn’t alone in his protestations with Cesc Fabregas appearing to give his fellow Iberian daggers by the time he’d come crashing to the pitch around the corner flag.

Judging by the fact Ronaldo could be seen with a massive grim after the incident, we can safely assume both he wasn’t hurt by the challenge and was actually having the time of his life to boot.

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