Valorant: 100 Thieves' Hiko - "being a Valorant pro is easier than CS:GO"

The former CS:GO player compares the two FPS giants

100 Thieves' Valorant pro Hiko explains why being a player of the Riot Games IP is easier than competitive CS:GO.

Hiko made the switch to Valorant when Riot Games first brought out the FPS in 2020. Several other notable CS:GO players, such as ScreaM, TenZ, Wardell and nitr0, also made the jump, with mixed results.

Since joining the 100 Thieves Valorant team, Hiko himself has had varying levels of success in the eSport, although, during a recent Twitch stream, he described how making the switch from CS:GO to Valorant has made his pro career a lot 'easier.'

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The former CS:GO player compares the two FPS giants

Hiko on CS:GO vs Valorant Structure

“CS got to a point where you’re literally traveling… seven or eight months of the year", Hiko began during the stream. "When I was younger, in 2013, we were traveling a lot. We were traveling to Europe, bootcamping in Europe all the time. It was a lot to handle."

“I feel if Valorant is how League [of Legends] is, where you don’t travel that much", Hiko continued, noting how the travel schedule is easier in general with Riot Games IPs. "You’re at home a lot, and there’s a lot of stuff online, and the big LANs are few and far between, it makes the LANs more important and impactful… and it’s less of a tax on players who have families, friends, girlfriends.”

“I think it’s probably better for everybody if the scene isn’t as travel-heavy as it was in the CSGO heydays”, the 100 Thieves Valorant pro would conclude.

Several other pro gamers have made the jump from the hugely successful CS:GO to Valorant over the past year, with the Riot Games IP having been made officially available to players in June 2020.

JW is another name that has teased a move to Valorant following his drop from the Fnatic starting lineup in CS:GO, so we may see even more pros make their way over to the newer FPS.

Hiko and the 100 Thieves team return to competitive Valorant on August 11, with the team looking to confirm their place at the VCT Stage 3 Masters Berlin. 

credit to Dexerto for the transcription

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