League of Legends: Akshan gets stats buff after low win rate

The new Champion gets a buff in stats

Riot Games have made some adjustments to the newly released Akshan character following a meagre win rate in League of Legends.

Akshan was released into League of Legends just a few days ago, and following a win rate of around 34%, Riot Games have decided to buff some of the stats for the new marksman.

Although the win rate could be down to players not yet mastering the new character's abilities, Riot decided that changes needed to be made to make the new champion more competitive in-game.

The win rates for the majority of champions in LoL tends to sit around the 50% mark (credit to comicbook for the stat), so a rate of 34% confirmed to Riot that they needed to make changes to the new character, and quickly.

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The new Champion gets a buff in stats

Akshan gets buffs

To help players who are hoping to use Akshan going forward, Riot has buffed some of his base stats. Akshan's standard HP moves from 530 to 560, and his attack damage will now be 52, up slightly from the previous 50 stat.

The cooldown for Akshan's Q ability has also been changed, with the cooldown now being between eight and five seconds, dependent on the level. This statistic for the Q ability was previously between eight and six seconds, but a minor change could make a massive difference in play.

We will likely get more data from Riot Games over the weekend as the player base gets more used to using Akshan as an in-game character. The buffs that Riot has introduced will also hopefully make the new champion more competitive, giving players a reason to latch on to the new playable champion ahead of League of Legends competitions going forward.

We'll update here on GiveMeSport as Riot Games confirm the future of their new champion Akshan on League of Legends.

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